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Hibernate Your Way

living room

Much like the black bears in the eastern portion of North Carolina, many of our local residents opt to hibernate through the mountaintop winters, tucked away in custom built homes and cabins. Did you know you could be one of them? Westmark Construction of North Carolina works all year long putting together and executing construction plans to create some of the most beautiful homes in the Appalachian Mountains. Our experts choose only the most premier real estate for our homes and survey it with great care, drawing up plans to maximize the natural landscape and cater to the needs of our soon-to-be homeowners. Our team makes sure to highlight the best view the property offers and centers the home around the exceptional views that are so prevalent throughout the state, each though featuring its own unique perspective. We’re sure to utilize large picture windows to allow residents to feel what it’s like to be fully immersed in nature on the ridge, especially during the wintertime. Enjoy the pure beauty of a silent snowfall from the comfort of your custom cabin, designed down your exact specifications. We’re also sure to bring that beauty of the great outdoors inside as well, using natural materials like rich hardwood floors, natural-cut stones, and other cabin-inspired details that make your next home feel like the woodland cabin getaway you’ve always dreamed about. So go ahead and plan out your ideal layout. Dream up your double-decker deck. Allow yourself to lavish in the luxury of custom built cabinetry and precision-cut countertops. Whatever you dream up, Westmark Construction of North Carolina can help turn it into your reality. Want us to take the wheel? Give us a call at 828-743-7077 with some basic parameters and will draw up something that will knock those warm, woolen winter socks right off!

Home Is Where You Are

loft view

They always say home is where the heart is, and we agree but we have some reservations. Home is where you are; your belongings, your bedroom, your friends, your family, your space. And we believe that it should be everything you want it to be. According to the EPA, the average person spends 93% of their life indoors. While much of that gets allotted to work and travel, the most significant portion lies within the home. Seeing as much of your time is spent at home, should you not enjoy your time there? Many of the high-end homes constructed by Westmark Construction Company of North Carolina are built from the ground up with a specific buyer’s vision in mind. Whether your dream home is a spacious, high-end, luxury home that features expansive living spaces and high ceilings or a more modest, intimate-style home with intentional designs and cozy corners, the home should reflect the lifestyle and the people who live there. The home is a lot of things; it’s more than just where you sleep. It’s the place where you prepare your meals and spend time perfecting the perfect coffee to creamer ratio. It’s where you knock out your homework and spend holidays and birthdays surrounded by friends and family; where you yell at the Tar Heels and pretend you didn’t eat the entire bag of chips. It’s where you get dressed every morning and where you brush your teeth every night. You invest so much time in your home that it might be time to invest in yourself too. What’s standing between you and the home you’ve always dreamed of? But most importantly your home is just that, yours. Whether you choose to buy, renovate, or start from scratch, homes are customizable and it’s in your best interest to make yours everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Let Westmark Construction of North Carolina help make your dream home a reality.

Why Renovate?


You’ve found the perfect location and love your community, but sometimes, there are just certain details that need some updating. That’s where Westmark Construction of North Carolina can come in. We want you to be happy in your home, and we won’t be satisfied until you are living in your absolute dream home. As more and more people are choosing renovation over moving, Westmark Construction can help you create your vision, whatever it may be. There are many reasons to choose renovation over moving. You’ve invested time and energy into finding the perfect location and property and weighed pros and cons all along the way, and you don’t need to put yourself through that again. Talk with us today about what is missing from or problematic about your home, and we can make the necessary changes to fit your ever-changing lifestyle. By choosing renovation, you can throw out that pro/con list because you have full reign over the future of your property. You can choose which areas to renovate and which of your favorite spaces to keep just as they are. Not to mention, you’ll be adding immeasurable value to your home and property. When it comes to renovating, our team of planners and designers will work with you the entire way to ensure you are getting exactly what you have in mind. Our specialties include expert masonry and stonework, custom kitchens and cabinetry, quality craftsmanship, and only the best expertise when it comes to high-end construction. Has your family grown? We can create an addition to provide extra bedrooms and leisure space. Do you find yourself entertaining more often than you had planned? We can renovate a kitchen and dining space to be more open and conducive to social events. Do you find yourself not loving the aesthetic of a larger, lounge space? We can make it look however you’d like. This is your home, and your comfort is what’s most important to us. If you have something in mind, give our main office a call at 828-743-4124.

Turning up the Heat on Fireplace Design

fireplace img

Picture your living room at home. How is your furniture arranged? Is it positioned for optimal entertaining and conversation? Or is it focused on a central focal point in the room itself, perhaps a TV or fireplace? The layout of a room is important to the flow of your lifestyle and it can be hard to get the right fit and feel for a space, especially for your vacation home. But don’t worry, that’s where Westmark Construction of North Carolina goes to work to create for you the perfect living space with only the most highly coveted of details, like this modern marvel of a fireplace. This fireplace at one of our exclusive properties demands your attention as soon as you walk in the room, and its size is only the beginning of its laundry list of attributes. First, the floor to ceiling design takes the effort out of working out a furniture arrangement; it’s the centerpiece of the room. The hues in each carefully chosen stone compliment the overhead woodwork and create a warm and cozy atmosphere perfect for entertaining or alone time. Its shape is sleek and modern and makes this piece a silent beauty that you could never tire of looking at. The true marvel of this work, though, is the expert installation and execution of this state-of-the-art design. This architectural beauty is constructed without the use of grout or other traditional construction methods; each stone is expertly cut to fit perfectly with the rest to create a perfect stacking effect that results in an immaculate look with the most contemporary yet timeless style. This design seamlessly compliments the natural landscape in the Sapphire Valley and Cashiers areas. Westmark Construction of North Carolina has brought the beauty of the outdoors in and created a modern piece of art that could be right in your next home.

A Rustic Reality: Collaboration at its Finest


As a member of the Westmark Development family, we know that collaborative work means putting out the best possible product. In our case, that product is luxury mountaintop dream homes in the Cashiers and Sapphire Valley regions. From the foundation to the treetop roofline, Westmark Construction of North Carolina oversees even the smallest of details when it comes to the construction of your home. The result? A breathtakingly beautiful custom home in which you and your close family and friends will create countless memories for years to come. At Westmark Construction, quality is not our goal, it is our standard. That’s why we’re happy and proud to acknowledge our newest partner: Appalachian Log & Timber Homes. Their knack for capturing the rustic, old Appalachian style cabins from the time of our forefathers combined with our contemporary comfort and quality craftsmanship make for the perfect blend of old-world feel and modern amenities. This is a coveted style many of our interested home-buyers look for, and we can’t help but deliver only the best. Most recently, we collaborated with Appalachian Log & Timber Homes on The Appalachian, a hybrid-style home overlooking the Panthertown National Forest. It boasts four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms on a bed of 3,750 square feet. Hand hewn logs and woodwork pervade the property and give the feel of the true outdoors without a lack of luxury, which is what Appalachian Logs & Timber Homes is all about. They claim “the Appalachian Log Home of today has a soft, rustic atmosphere combined with modern features” and we couldn’t agree more. That is why we are now a proud dealer of the fine Appalachian Logs & Timber Homes products. The Appalachian home specifically is the perfect balance of timeless, cabin-like beauty and sleek, modern design. Both suited for year-round livability or the sporadic mountain getaway, The Appalachian is the perfection combination of convenience and lavish living. This home features floor to ceiling rustic, wood details that offer the essence of the native forests of the valley. Spacious living areas, intimate bath and bedroom settings, and wide open decks that mimic the atmosphere of the outdoors while maintaining everything you need to feel like the remote getaway that it is. In addition to cosmetic beauty, the structure features the exclusive panelized hybrid PANELOC wall system combined with a hand-hewed timber-frame roof structure from Appalachian Log & Timber Homes. This system is meant to be energy-saving and more environmentally friendly as it is designed for longer lasting structural integrity and outstanding energy efficiency. There’s a lot that goes into building a good quality home. Everything from the location, foundation, and structure down to wood grain, stone texture, and room design must be taken into consideration. We believe that quality should be a standard, not just a goal and companies like Appalachian Log & Timber understand that, which is why we couldn’t be more excited or honored to be part of their network of trusted dealers.