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Conservation during Construction

Scounting Lot

Over 60% of the state of North Carolina is covered in forests. This translates to just about fourteen billion trees, and when we embark on a construction project, our teams are cognizant of how each plot of land interfaces with the larger forest ecosystem.

We know that we have construction plans to carry out and that there are certain things that have to be leveled, cleared, and prepped, but we don’t rush. We use careful consideration when choosing if and what to remove from a site. Our mission is to create the mountaintop oasis of your dreams that works with the natural landscape, not against it.

From the moss on the forest floor to the very tops of the trees, we take it all into consideration. Before removing a tree, for example, we look at the effects that it will have on the larger native environment. From the oxygen it provides the atmosphere to the shade it casts on the forest floor, each and every tree is carefully considered when we’re working on a site. We strive to make as small of a footprint as possible. We even take soil conservation into consideration. We look to see what sort of impact removing the tree and corresponding root system will have on the face of that mountain.  With all these factors acknowledged and defined, only then do we make a decision.

Conservation in the world of construction is two-fold, though: What you take out or away but also what you put in. We ensure that any sort of chemicals or materials that are present on a job site are carefully monitored to ensure the mark we leave on the land surrounding the home is minimal. Our machines don’t run longer than absolutely necessary and we try to avoid using unsustainable products when possible.

The architectural work itself is also designed to be complimentary to the landscape; we don’t want our projects to stick out, but instead blend with the native world around them. This is why you’ll see that our teams utilize natural wood accents and a neutral color palate to create a cohesive look.

Our teams continue to be blown away by the natural beauty that this region has to offer. We believe that it is not our right but our duty to preserve as much of it as we can while catering to meet the needs of our clients. Start the conversation about your mountaintop home today by calling (828) 743-4124.

Making Your Dream Home YOURS

January 2020 - Dream home

We might be a little biased, but we have the pleasure of working in one of the most beautiful regions of the world. We count ourselves among the lucky ones to be able to spend our days making dreams come true among the mountaintops in North Carolina. Your home could be next!

The team at Westmark Construction of North Carolina has extensive experience in the Cashiers and Sapphire area. Due to the mountainous terrain, there are few companies with our level of experience and expertise when crafting custom homes among the mountains.

We partner with The Divide at Bald Rock to help future residents of the Blue Ridge Mountains create their dream home. These properties sit atop the mountains, measuring 4,500 feet in elevation; the ideal location to secure cool mountain breezes and the coveted privacy that’s so critical to a mountaintop sanctuary. Working with a team of designers and architects, we bring the blueprints to life.

Our signature is quality craftsmanship and attention to the smallest of details. Our homes feature spacious layouts and breezy walkways; luxurious living spaces and grandiose outdoor living spaces. We specialize in woodwork and bringing the integrity of the scenic outdoor area in, creating a classic and timeless look. If you envision the perfect cozy cabin among the trees, we take that image and exceed every expectation: warmer wood tones, stately stone work, and lavish living rooms work together to create your dream home atop the Blue Ridge Mountains. Schedule a consultation today by calling toll free at 800-338-8302.

Caring for the Wood Features of Your Home

Hardwood Floors Blog

What sets Westmark Construction of North Carolina apart from the rest is our ability to capture the natural beauty of the North Carolina mountains and utilize this as inspiration when constructing beautiful, mountaintop homes.

Our goal is to bring the look and feel of the local landscape into the home to give a full, immersive effect. In doing so, we use a lot of natural wood features to accent the surrounding wooded areas that compliment so many of the properties we work on. While yes, the use of hardwood floors contributes to this effect, we also incorporate various styles of wood paneling, cabinets, and accents throughout the home. Once completed, our homes are radiant beauties, overflowing with wood details, full of sleekness and shine. Keep them this way with the following tips on how to keep your hardwood working hard for years to come.

1.       Find the right fit for your floor. The floors we install in our homes are only of the highest-grade hardwood. This quality, therefore, must also be matched with a certain level of care. Laminated or polyurethaned floors require little to no maintenance outside general cleaning, but your genuine hardwood floors do require a fresh wax every 12-18 months to ensure maximum durability and shine. Once you’re moved in and settled, be sure to set a schedule for having this done.

2.       Stay ahead of the game with wood treatments and moisturizers. Outside professional waxing, research and try out an appropriate wood moisturizers or general treatment or care products to keep all of the wood in your home supple. Especially if your home is empty for a portion of the year, the wood features might be especially susceptible to drying and cracking.

3.       Use the right weekly cleaning products. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a cleaning crew, make sure to use cleaning products that are specially formulated for the specific types of wood that are in your home. Check out some of the best reviewed cleaners for your wood floors here.

4.       However you choose to move forward with a care plan for your wood, make sure that whatever product or treatment you’re using is made specifically for the types of wood you have in your home. Unsure of the materials? Reach out to the Westmark Construction team with any questions by emailing us here.

Take a look around your home. Have you ever really noticed how many wood features are present? Keep in mind that these care tips can be used for furniture and other wooden details to ensure the longevity of these stunning, natural elements.


Warm Wood Features


Westmark Construction of North Carolina is one of the leading builders in the Cashiers and Sapphire regions. We pride ourselves on the quality of construction we present to not only our clients but to the region we have the privilege of working in. This region, rich with natural history and living beauty is something we utilize when creating custom home designs.

Our luxury cabins bring the beauty of the outdoors inside for the future homeowners to enjoy. We often incorporate a strategic use of exposed wood beaming, hardwood flooring, and other timber details that operate with both functionality and visual appeal.

In a recent project, the main staircase featured a plentiful amount and a wide variety of lumber materials that were each carefully chosen with a specific purpose in mind. The treads of the staircase, for instance, were fashioned from yellow pine wood. Southern yellow pine wood is renowned for being strong, durable, and its ability to stand the test of time. Whether natural or treated (we use a combination of both depending on need and usage), the soft, light color of the grain instantly warms a space. This touch also adds an element of uniqueness while acting as a strong support for the structure. Southern yellow pine is one of the densest pine woods available. In addition to these many traits, Southern yellow pine also has a long history as one of America’s first renewable resources and can be found growing wild throughout the Southern parts of the United States.

With yellow pine underfoot, the attention on the staircase turns to the ornately carved banisters and handrails. The warmth and straight grain of the Eastern white pine was chosen to showcase the high-quality craftsmanship that went into its construction and compliment both the yellow pine treads and the ponderosa pine that was used for flooring throughout this particular home.

While pine wood is often lumped together as a single type of lumber, there are actually many different varieties that can then, in turn, be used for a wide variety of construction projects. The Westmark Construction team is well-versed in the traits of each of these type and analyzes everything from hardness and density to grain and color. Can you see yourself living in a mountaintop luxury cabin surrounded by the natural woods of the region?

Modern Touches, Timeless Feel


Many seek a mountaintop lifestyle for the seclusion factor, getting away from the hectic day-to-day and reconnecting with yourself and with the world around you. The natural beauty of North Carolina often makes its way into the designs of the homes we construct, not without, though, the modern touch our clients often crave.

For example, many of the homes we’ve created feature a modern, wide-open floorplan allowing the residents to create their own specified spaces using furniture and other pieces of décor. Woven throughout this large space, though, is often the earthy wood textures that mimic the forest outside and rough cut brick or stonework to give the space the best of both worlds.

Another nod to modern trends comes in the form of our staircase and fireplace designs. Modern and sleek are the size and shape of our transcending staircases. Their components feature regional lumber and rich, woodsy colors. Similarly, fireplaces inherently have a natural component in play featuring the open flame and stonework. We’ve incorporated gas starts to aid in convenience and give them the modern touch.

If you look at our homes as a whole, at the larger picture, you’ll see the perfect balance of the rustic and the modern, right where they need to be too. Our kitchen designs lend themselves to the elegant dinner party while our living spaces are perfect for kicking back after a long days hike. In every square foot, you’ll see the thoroughly thought-out process of our design team. The use of rich wood textures and finishes is something we believe will never go out of style, bringing in the natural beauty of the surrounding outdoor areas.

You chose the mountaintop lifestyle and our team at Westmark Construction believe there should be an overarching atmosphere of this natural beauty within your custom home while maintaining the air of modern convenience. View our portfolio here to see for yourself how these two worlds can be brought seamlessly together.

Your Home’s First Impression


There’s no doubt that the landscape surrounding your mountaintop luxury home is nothing short of breathtaking. Given that many of our homes built among the Blue Ridge Mountains reflect the natural scenery in their architecture, we also believe that the finishing touches must also coincide with the native environment.

Just as a baker frosts a cake, the finishing touches on your home include the exterior masonry and landscaping. As you can see in the exterior photos of our portfolio, our homes exude welcome and charm at first sight.

As partners of Appalachian Log Homes, we’re very conscious of the landscape surrounding our project sites. We want our homes to feel as though they are one with nature; the beauty of the natural scenery weaves its way into the design of both the interior and exterior of the home. With that in mind, we’re very intentional about the flowers, shrubs, and other landscaping efforts we perform when putting the finishing touches on a home.

North Carolina is home to more species of plants than in any other similar area in North America. We utilize this diverse natural biosphere to ensure our homes blend well into the surrounding landscape. These native plants produce beautiful and colorful flowers, – sometimes even fruits – bright full foliage, and a space for birds and other animals to live. They also ward off hindering invasive species that negatively affect the natural landscape and require little to no care as they are fully adaptable to their local conditions.

Whether you built with us, bought with our sister companies, or are just looking to show your mountain home some love, talk with us today about how your home can make a better (and more authentic!) first impression by calling 828.743.4124.

Constructing a Community


The breathtaking views and gorgeous scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina are nothing short of natural perfection. Over the last 20 years, Westmark Construction of North Carolina has expertly preserved this state of natural beauty while also allowing for the crafting of custom homes for the clients of The Divide and Bald Rock.

Our years of experience, industry expertise, and quality construction tactics make us not only the preferred builder of the area but one that constructs community in addition to custom homes. The lifestyle up on the mountains is one that’s coveted by many but understood only by residents. With an average elevation of 2,000 – 4,000 feet, this creates a special kind of lifestyle and workflow that’s specific to the region.  

For developers and construction companies like Westmark, the location and elevation can complicate construction logistics like product availability and transportation, installation of basic electric and plumbing lines, and site clearing just to name a few. We’re often faced with rocky, rough plots that make building foundations a challenge, and winding our way up the mountain is an accomplishment in and of itself. These widespread challenges, though, breed a can-do mindset; one that’s motivated to create the vision in mind. No matter the challenge, Westmark Construction of North Carolina will find a way to make the dream homes of our clients a reality.

And dream homes are indeed what we build. The area that surrounds our projects is something straight out of National Geographic, and the clients we work with typically desire the natural atmosphere of the region find its way into their home in a way that’s both tasteful and practical. As a company intimately familiar with the area, we believe we’ve captured the essence of mountaintop living and expertly incorporated it into each and every one of our home designs, flawlessly complimenting each homeowner’s unique spin on the mountaintop lifestyle.

We’ve found that the lifestyle of the local community is one that typically enjoys entertaining, hosting, and socializing. Given the location of these homes, when our clients plan to entertain, it’s not a spur-of-the-moment event. This means many of our construction plans center around gathering spaces and areas for entertainment that are large and adaptable to whatever our clients and future residents specify. Because it’s simply not an option to run down to the market for an extra gallon of milk or slip over to the neighbor’s house for some extra chairs, with each and every home, we’re tasked with how best to accommodate and create a space that best suits a client’s lifestyle.

If the mountain lifestyle is one that’s appealing to you, start dreaming up your custom home by perusing our previous work in our portfolio at

A Dip into Nature


We’re so privileged to be working primarily among the beautiful mountaintops of Western North Carolina. With this comes great challenges but also offers the unique opportunity of partnering with an esteemed real estate developer, The Divide at Bald Rock, and the great customer base that comes with it. While the community of The Divide is one that’s social and adventurous, many of those who take up residence in homes built by Westmark Construction of North Carolina also enjoy some quiet time enjoying their new home. This doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that they’re spending their time indoors. Many of the homes at The Divide feature an exclusive outdoor space in the form of a deck or patio, a popular (and honestly logical) feature many of our clients request. While safe and secluded from bears and other wildlife, these spaces allow residents to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere while not venturing too far into the wilderness. During the warmer months, you can enjoy your morning coffee outside while you watch the sun come up; play games and enjoy cocktails late into the night while listening to the sounds of the mountainside forests; or sit back with a camera or set of binoculars and become immersed in the local wildlife that surrounds your home without ever really leaving it. This oasis is what we strive to create for each and every one of our future clients. While these activities are still plausible during the colder months, they might not be as pleasant to enjoy. To accommodate the change in climate, some homeowners pass the time until spring lounging in an outdoor hot tub or Jacuzzi. Imagine yourself suspended on the side of a mountain, hot beverage in hand, looking out at the breathtaking mountain view spreading itself out before you, all from the comfort and warmth from the water. This vision could become your next reality. Enjoy the year-round beauty that the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina has to offer by building a custom home with us. Visit to get started or contact the main office of The Divide today by phone at 800-228-0431 or by email at

The Beauty of Balconies


If you tour any of the beautiful, high-end residences completed by Westmark Construction of North Carolina, you’ll notice one thing in common: Outdoor living spaces. Our expert builders and architects have extensive experience in the Cashiers and Sapphire Valley areas in North Carolina and therefore, are skilled in tackling the challenges that come with building a luxury, mountaintop home and maximizing the breathtaking, scenic views the area has to offer. Many of our homes belong to The Divide at Bald, a local real estate agency that specializes in the second, luxury home market. These homes are nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains, next to the Pathertown National Forest, so there’s no shortage of natural beauty for any of the homeowners. Wanting to capitalize on these mountain views, our designers set about positioning and mapping out each home in order to give homeowners the best view their property has to offer. Expertly placed windows and doors and the use of outdoor decks, patios, and balconies are all components of our designs that our clients love. Our outdoors spaces, though, are the pride of our projects and are created with our residents in mind. Our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that these space will not only be secure and sound among the mountaintops but beautiful and practical as well. The woodwork and finishes are custom built and chosen to match the natural timber that surrounds the home and is meant to invite the sense of outdoor serenity inside. Our outdoor spaces range from a cozy couple’s hideaway to large entertaining spaces. The thing that remains in common, though, is the stunning view of the Blue Ridge Mountain and the atmosphere of a peaceful lifestyle. So whether you need a little-secluded spot to share your coffee with the sunrise or your hosting the holidays with the whole family, Westmark Construction of North Caroline can create the perfect outdoor space for you as an extension to your current residence or incorporated into the design of your new home. We’re not satisfied until you are. Start a conversation with us and we’ll get started making your dream space a reality.

The Mechanics of Mountaintop Living


There are many moving parts when it comes to building your dream home among the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. The most important, though, is the part most soon-to-be-homeowners don’t necessarily think about: the foundation and framing. Westmark Construction of North Carolina works mostly in the Blue Ridge Mountain region. While the landscape looks lush and alive with trees and forests, hiding right beneath the service is the hard rock of the earth. The mountains in this area are mainly made up of a combination of granite, limestone, and gneiss, making it a tricky terrain to navigate. Once the location of your home is decided, our team gets to work mapping out your vision. Optimizing for the best, breathtaking view possible, we design your home not but from the ground up; we begin our process with a deeply embedded anchoring system to ensure the highest level of stability for your home. The footing for your foundation is often the most time-consuming part of constructing the home. As we’re not exactly sure what we’ll find geologically, our team of experts will not move forward with the project without full assurance of the structure’s stability. Once the property is cleared and cut, a solid footing is established and rooted deep within the mountain. From there your home’s foundation, carefully engineered for maximum strength and support, is poured and secured. From there, our focus turns to floor plans, building materials, and fixtures, including you every step of the way. While building a home into the side of a mountain isn’t the easiest thing to do, if you peruse our portfolio of past projects, you’ll agree that it’s worth the extra time and challenge. The views and locations we have the honor and privilege of working with are simply unparalleled, and we’ll forever be thankful you chose to include us in making your dream home a reality. Have a vision in mind? Give us a call at 828-743-4124 to get started.