Neighbors: The Wildlife of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Our secluded, mountaintop homes offer an exclusive opportunity for an immersive, nature experience. While the views and the luxurious lifestyle are among the top reasons nature-lovers choose a home at The Divide, the neighbors are among the local favorites, too. You’ll quickly find that the majority of the neighbors our residents encounter often have four legs.

With over 70 species of mammals specifically documented in the region, there’s always something to be on the lookout for. Here’s a preview of what the kinds of neighbors to expect when you become a member of The Divide’s community:

• Black Bears – Black bears tend to be the talk of the town and the residents of The Divide. As much of the surrounding area is protected by the Wildlife Resource Commission, black bears are very active and can be spotted throughout the region. Though wild and dangerous, many of our residents have been able to safely observe them in their natural habitats.

• Bobcats – Though an area not far from the region of The Divide is known as Panthertown, much of the cat population is actually bobcats. The terms bobcat, cougar, jaguar, panther, and mountain lion are all typically used interchangeably, there are differences in each species and only bobcats have been proven residents in this region.

• Beavers & Otters – Along the streams and rivers that run through the valleys of the Appalachian Mountains, you can find families of both beavers and otters. The dams built by beavers are often a fun feature many of our residents enjoy seeing while out hiking and exploring.

• Shrews – Despite being nocturnal, there is a wide variety of different shrew species present in the area.

• Other Common Animals – In addition to these more region-specific species, you can also find many deer, turkeys, turtles, foxes, squirrels, lizards, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, and more.

Come experience the beautiful, living landscapes that make up the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding area. Your next home could be a mountaintop mansion, perfect for anyone who truly appreciates the value of wildlife. And trust us, you’ll love your neighbors.
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