Fighting for the Forests

When you make The Divide at Bald Rock your home, you’re choosing to make the sweeping landscapes of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains your everyday reality. Few will argue with the unfathomable natural appeal of the region. Therefore, it is a top priority for all that this region remain as it is.

According to the North Carolina Forestry Association, “North Carolina has 18.8 million acres of forests across the state, which spans some 31 million acres.” To put these numbers into perspective, the state of North Carolina as a whole is made up of 32.3 million acres of land. This means that 61% of the state is covered in forests.

Fourteen billion trees make up these forested regions. Most of this forestry, though, is controlled by private entities, including the residents at The Divide. Also included in the forested land are four national forests that call North Carolina home: Croatan, Nantahala, Pisgah, and Uwharrie. 

While there is certainly development across the state, much of the land remains a natural habitat to indigenous plants and species. Unique to the region is a network of Southern Appalachian Mountain Bogs. While there were once over 5,000 acres of these diverse ecosystems, fewer than 500 remain. There are over 53 species in North Carolina that are at-risk of extinction. It is within these bogs that many at-risk or endangered plants and animals reside. Their declining homelands are among, and could be, the biggest reason for the decline in population.

“There are lots of things out there that have an intrinsic value because of their existence. You don't have to always have been to them or have seen them. A bog is that kind of place," says Southern Blue Ridge Program Director Megan Sutton. "Just to know that this very cool and rare place exists in the world, that's enough."

Incredible organizations like The Nature Conservatory are working hard throughout the country (and globally). According to their mission, they raise awareness of important environmental issues and conserve the land and waters on which all life depends.

Our local residents are among many in the region who identify as land advocates, appreciating all this wonderful land has to offer. Experience the natural wonders for yourself and tour the development at The Divide at Bald Rock. Visit to learn more.

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