A Bald Rock Block Party

The Bald Rock Mountain area that The Divide calls home is a very special mountain community that sits high above beautiful Sapphire Valley, North Carolina. In addition to breathtaking scenery, active wildlife, and miles of established hiking trails, Bald Rock Mountain also lays claim to one of the most exclusive communities in the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Divide at Bald Rock.

As the weather warms up, the residents of both The Divide and Bald Rock are excited to begin once again a summer of socials and other festivities. With the beautiful landscape in common, residents of these communities spend very little time indoors, and instead choose to relish in the outdoor scenery and company of those whom share their luxurious mountaintop lifestyle.

While you can often find residents participating in a variety of activities at their own leisure, one of the key benefits of living at The Divide is the unity and comradery that exists among the mountains. Our residents share space at our mountaintop equestrian center, enjoy the amenities of the Sapphire Valley Resort, and simply soak up the one-of-a-kind environment in which they live.

As we’re gearing up for the heart of the 2019 social season, our residents can look forward to both pavilion parties and a series of mule rides, hosted by neighbors and friends. What’s better than hopping on your Mule Four Wheeler and stopping down to your neighbor’s house for drinks before heading to the pavilion for a block party: Bald Rock Mountain style? Just picture yourself crossing the rugged, mountain terrain, cold beverage in hand, meeting up at the party pavilion for food, drinks, games, and good times just a short Mule ride away from your dream mountaintop home? This is the reality that residents of The Divide live each and every day – weather permitting.

Interested in the mountaintop lifestyle? Our first pavilion party of the season is scheduled for May 25, Memorial Day weekend. Become part of the community by sending your information to The Divide by emailing info@dividenc.com.

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